Learning from Moshe Rabbeinu to take the initiative and act for the greater good.
This is the first part of a resource designed as a suppliment for Jewish communities and schools to Equal Exchange's comprehensive Fair Trade curriculum for 5th-8th graders,which can be found at:
Ezra Fishman, Shavuot 5770/2010, Senior Week @ Brandeis
The laws of divorce in Torah and Talmudic sources, and their relevance in the modern context.
This source sheet explores every person's responsibility to take action in the world through tzedakah and lending money to those in need.
high school discussion around ethical decision making when giving tzedakah
For a panel exploring tzedakah priorities
Looking at the responsibilities of a builder, building owner and tenant. Tikun Leil Shavuot 2015
Looking at the responsibilities of builders, building owners and tenants.
This source sheet explores Jewish responses to disaster. It uses modern and ancient texts to encourage taking action to respond to the January, 2010 earthquake in Haiti. This source sheet could be tailored to a discussion around a different disaster, as well.