Guide to Building Source Sheets

The Guide to Building Source Sheets
In order to build a source sheet, you need to become a registered user of On1Foot.
Select Texts
Whenever you view a text it will appear in the Source Sheet Builder box which is on the top right of your screen. Click on the green + sign to add that text to your source sheet. You may add up to 10 texts to your source sheet. If you want to remove a text from your source sheet, click on the red x sign.
Build a source sheet
When you have selected all of the sources that you want and they are all listed under “Saved Texts” in your Source Sheet Builder, click on “create source sheet.” This will take you to the source sheet builder which will include the following fields for you to complete:
  1. Title: This is the title of your source sheet. When it is published on On1Foot, it will be listed under this title. This title will also appear on the top of your source sheet. 
  2. Categories: Categories are designed to be a list of major topics in social justice. Please select  the categories for which your source sheet offers insight. You may select more than one category by holding down the Control key. Selecting categories allows your source sheet to be linked to different topics on On1Foot and makes it easier for people to find your source sheet when they search On1Foot. If you think a category is missing from the list, please email
  3. Age level - Age level is designed to help users sort materials by the age groups for which they are appropriate. Please tag your class with any age groups to whom you think it could be relevant. You can tag to mulitple age groups by holding down the control key
  4. Keywords: Keywords are an open and continually expanding list of search words. Use this space to type any words or phrases that you think a user might use to search for texts. You do not need to repeat any words from the Categories section, but can use this area to make searching and finding your source sheet easier.
  5. Sheet Header: If you would like your source sheet to include a header in addition to the title, please type it in the white space below the toolbar. You may format your header (change the font, alignment, etc.) using the tools in the toolbar, as if you were working in Word. 
  6. Texts: Like in the Sheet Header section, each of your texts should appear in a white space below a toolbar. The text citation appears above the toolbar and will appear on your source sheet above the text itself. You may edit your text using the tools in the toolbar, as if you were working in Word. Feel free to change the Discussion Questions, edit the translation, delete part of the text that you don’t need, etc. This is where you get to customize your source sheet so that it best meets the needs of the class you are preparing. If Hebrew typing is enabled on your computer, you can also type in Hebrew by pressing Alt + Shift. 
  7. Click “Preview” to see what your source sheet looks like. (You will be able to add new texts and change the order in which your texts appear on your source sheet later on.) 
  8. Click “Save as draft” to save your source sheet. This saves your source sheet so that you can return to it and make changes, but it does not publish your source sheet on On1Foot.  
Edit your Source Sheet
After you have saved a draft of your source sheet, it will apear on your profile under Source Sheets Added. You can access your profile by clicking on the link on the top right of any page on the site. Click on your source sheet if you would like to continue working on it. At the top of your source sheet are 5 tabs: View, Edit, Add/Remove,Sort and Copy 
  1. View: This is the default setting and shows you the content of your source sheet. 
  2. Edit: Click on this tab to change anything in the texts or header of your source sheet. 
  3. Add/Remove: This allows you to add a new text to your source sheet and to delete texts that are already on your source sheet. In order to add a new text to your source sheet, it must already appear in your source sheet builder under “Saved Texts.” When you click on the “Configure” tab, it gives you the option to add any texts that are in your source sheet builder. Click on “Save changes” once you have selected the texts to add. 
  4. Sort: This allows you to change the order in which texts appear on your source sheet. Click and drag using the arrow icon to arrange the texts in the order in which you would like them to appear on your source sheet. Click on “Save changes” once you have placed the texts in the correct order. 
  5. Copy: This allows you to make a duplicate of your source sheet, which you can then edit independently to create differentiated  versions for a different group or a teachers version. Please give your clone a distinct title to distinguish it from the original version.
Print your Source Sheet
Once you have finished editing your source sheet, click on “Printer-friendly version” (at the top right, under the 4 tabs) to see your completed source sheet. Click on “File” and “Print Preview” in your browser's toolbar to see how your source sheet will look when printed. If you would like to go back and change any of the spacing or formatting, click on “Close” to close the print preview screen and use the back arrow on your browser to return to the page with the 4 tabs. Click on the “Edit” tab to make any changes to your source sheet. (Note: Because different browsers display things differently, using “Print Preview” is the only way to see how your source sheet will ultimately look when printed.)
Publish your Source Sheet
When you have completed your source sheet and want to publish it on On1Foot so that other users can benefit from it, click “Publish” (at the top right, under the 4 tabs). You may also publish your source sheet by clicking on the green + sign next to the title of your source sheet in the “My Source Sheets” box. Users are highly encouraged to publish their source sheets, so that others on the site may learn from their work.
Note on Cloning
You may wish to make a copy of your own or another users' work in order to create a differentiatied version such as a teacher guide, work sheet, or a version for younger students. You may do so by using the clone feature. Simple click on the copy tab at the top of the source sheet, give the version a new title, and save your draft. Note that if you do not give your sourcesheet a new title (not "Clone of X") it will be deleted. You may then procede to edit the source sheet and add and remove texts as usual. (See above under 'Edit your Source Sheet')