Eco-Kosher, Rabbi Zalman Shachter-Shalomi


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I invented the word eco-kosher, to say that something is ecologically kosher. I'll give you an example of eco-kosher. The regular kosher way is about the dishes that mustn't be contaminated, etc. If I pick up a cup to have coffee, styrofoam would be the best thing to have. It hasn't been used before and after I drink from it, I'll throw it away and nobody else will use it. From the usual kosher place that's the direction to go...but in comparison to what will happen to the planet by my drinking in a styrofoam, I'd much rather make the other


Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. What is your understanding of Reb Zalman's approach to kashrut?
2. What is the difference between Jewish food ethics (eco-kosher) rather than just food ethics (ecological eating)?
3. Why eat in a "Jewishly" ethical way?

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