Rashi to Deuteronomy 22:1


רשי, דברים כב:א

Original Text:

והתעלמת - כובש עין כאלו אינו רואהו: לא תראה, והתעלמת - לא תראה אותו שתתעלם ממנו, זהו פשוטו.


And ignore them - conquering one's eyes as if one does not see. You shall not see…and ignore - The plain meaning here is that you shall not notice only in order to ignore.
[Ziegler translation]

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. This text is commenting on the rule to not turn your eyes away when you see someone asking for help. According to Rashi, what are we not allowed to do?
2. Why does Rashi consider the sin to be pretending to ignore someone?
3. What does it mean to ignore someone? In what ways should you open your eyes to see others?

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