On1Foot has Moved!

After nearly 10 years of AJWS hosting On1Foot.org, our database of Jewish texts for social justice, we’re delighted to share that we have migrated most of On1Foot’s content to Sefaria, the largest free library of Jewish online texts in Hebrew and English. On1Foot will retain its brand heritage as a project of AJWS, but we hope that giving it a new home on such a well-supported platform will enable it to thrive more sustainably and reach a wider audience.

All source sheets that were originally uploaded to On1Foot and able to be transferred are included in an “On1Foot” group on Sefaria and will remain associated with On1Foot and AJWS. We are excited about this partnership with Sefaria, and we anticipate that their digital innovations will refine access to our library of rich Jewish content.

Thank you for your contributions to this platform over the years. Moving forward, you can find On1Foot content at www.sefaria.com/groups/AJWS-On1Foot.

Browse On1Foot on Sefaria

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